The Journey Begins

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Education is the ability to learn, understand, accomplish and improve on the lives of humanity. — Aubrey Love aka Pail Writer


Programming languages have developed over the years and grown in quantity. Before, we only had a hand full of programming languages, now we are faced with buckets full. So, the question I am asked most often by a newbie, is the same question I asked when I started venturing into the fascinating world of computer programming. “What is the best language to start with?”
There is no right or wrong answer to this question, the result has a range that varies as widely as personalities. Now if you asked what is the simplest programming language to learn, you would still get a variety of answers, but the larger result set would be C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and few others. However, people often forget another fundamentally simple language – T-SQL.
For me, the simplest programming languages are the ones I mentioned above but I would put them in this order (simplest to hardest) HTML, CSS, T-SQL then JavaScript and C#. This blog deals entirely with C#, the other languages will have their own blog site at a later date, when I have the time to create them.
Who is this site for? Basically, it’s for the “accidental programmer”. An accidental programmer is someone who was thrown into a programming role by their employer or some other circumstance. While the subjects on this blog may jump around from “The Core Components of a C# Program” to “Implementing a Grideview” and everything else, this site is designed to provide simple answers to those unusual circumstances that an employer may demand of an employee. It is assumed (for the most part) that you have some knowledge of the language, but have not mastered it.
With that said, I hope you enjoy the articles and keep coming back for more. I will add additional posts as often as I can. Also, any code that you find on my blogs will be open source. You are welcome to “copy/paste”, modify and redistribute them to suit your needs.
Thank you.